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Hi, My name is Paulina...

This is how my love for fitness and lifting weights began...


It all started in high school when I joined the cross-country team. I dreaded it at first, but for some reason, I never missed one day, and always gave it my 110%. Then, I joined the soccer team, by this time I started to realize how amazing working out made me feel.


After high school, I continued to look for new ways to challenge myself;


In 2017, I completed my first Chicago Marathon.

I then signed up for my first Super spartan race.

A year later, I registered for my first bodybuilding competition.


Moral of the story, I’m continuously searching for new ways to challenge myself, stay active, and keep learning. 


I will use my knowledge and experience to help people like you accomplish ANY fitness goals. The end game is to teach you how to adopt a healthier lifestyle, rather than just a quick fix approach, I will do so by progressing logically and safely, over the course of your journey, until you achieve your goals.


Everyone’s fitness journey is drastically different and that’s why I love being a one on one personal trainer, every goal you reach is a proud moment for me!  


I am looking forward to being part of your fitness journey.


* American Council on Excercise. (ACE)

* Corrective Exercise Specialist CES (NASM)

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